Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No Craigslist in Geneva!

Here's something I really miss here in Geneva - Craigslist. Back in the US, you always knew where to go to buy or sell anything used. There's really only one place, and that's Craigslist. We sold both our cars, and our travel trailer on Craigslist before we left. I had some big gripes about the lack of various features, but it's big, it works, and everyone posts there.

Here in Geneva, the story is very different. There actually is a Craigslist in Geneva (http://geneva.craigslist.ch/) but it's a sad empty little shell of a website, with some spam and not much else.  There are places to buy and sell used items online. The problem is, there are far too many of them, and none of then have a solid lead in the online classified marketplace.  Also, many of the expat websites have a little classified section.  And at all the grocery stores as well, there's a well-used bulletin board where people post little notes, advertising this and that.

It adds up to a very fragmented classified marketplace. So it's just not worth it for me to try to buy or sell anything used online, except perhaps for something large like a car, because I'd need to learn how to post in so many places.

Maybe that's why I see so much large furniture on the street here, on the day of the month that the city picks up large items. Much of it is in reasonable condition, but where on Craigslist you can easily put up a "free to the first person who'll pick it up" type thing, here it's just too much work.

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