Friday, March 9, 2012

A public gaming evening

Very close to our house, within a few blocks, is what's called a ludotheque (toy library/community play space). We've been there quite a bit, to have the kids play and "check out" some toys.  But also on occasional evenings, they have game evenings or "soirĂ©e jeux".  Tonight was one of those evenings, and, with a lot of trepidation, I went there on my own.  Some friends showed up as well (parents of another child in Peter's class, from Germany, he works with the UN human rights commission), but that was after I'd already been there a while.  It went pretty well, I got there pretty early and was able to sit down right away to play a game.

The game was called something like Pix.  It was a little like Pictionary, except that instead of just being able to draw freehand, you put magnetic squares on a grid, and get extra points for making the drawing with the least number of squares.  It was a lot of fun, though trying to understand what was being said, and also speak a little bit of French, was very stressful.  People were generally quite helpful, and they had many facilitators (from a group called Joca) to help with the games.  

After the Pictionary type game, I played another one with my friends, which was not nearly as fun.  It was one of those long-running strategic games that I'm not very good at.  

Overall - I'm proud of myself for going here!  It took some guts, especially since I've barely been able to practice my French at all and I'm quite rusty.  But it's always good to get out.  I talked to one of the facilitators, he said that the Joca association mainly organizes game evenings, and is supported financially by the city of Geneva.  

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