Thursday, March 15, 2012

Walking distance to everything...

Now I'll write something positive to make up for my gripes about graffiti and dog poop in my last post.  And that is...I really enjoy living so close to everything, practically in the city center, and right next to a beautiful park, Parc Le Grange.  Here's where I went today:

  • walked the kids to school (3 minutes)
  • walked from the school to my work (5 minutes)
  • took a walk along Lac Leman at lunch
  • walked to school to pick the kids up (5 minutes)
  • walked with the kids to the park (6 minutes)
  • went home from the park (3 minutes)
  • walked to the Coop grocery store (4 minutes)
And, it was a beautifully sunny day, warm, no jacket needed.  The playground at Parc Le Grange, very close to us, has a great playground area, a sand pit, a water fountain, lots of trees to climb, a wading pool, and ROMAN RUINS.  Yes, roman ruins.  Nothing extraordinary, just a few dug up walls from an old roman villa.  But still, living so close to roman ruins is pretty exciting, especially for Kenny.

And yes, groceries are crazy expensive.  But some of the store brand items are pretty reasonable. They're tucked out of the way, but for instance, a two kilo bag of apples was 2.50. That's not bad at all. And kiwis, of all things, go on sale for really reasonable prices - 1.30 for a kilo.  Yogurt is pretty cheap, too.

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