Saturday, February 9, 2013

The "walkability" score - off the charts here in Geneva

This is something I'm really, really going to miss when we head back to the States.  Walking everywhere!  I love not needing to get in the car, even though we do have one now, for every little thing like we had to our old neighborhood in the Bellevue.  Here's an incomplete list of some of the things within easy walking distance:

  • Kid's school (3 minutes)
  • Little convenience store where the kids can buy candies from a bin (1 minute)
  • Huge beautiful park with playground, wading pool, etc (2 minutes)
  • Loads of restaurants and cafes (1 minute)
  • My work (6 minutes)
  • Small grocery store (2 minutes)
  • Larger grocery store (12 minutes)
  • Huge free natural history museum (12 minutes)
  • Ski rental place (10 minutes)
  • Library (OK, not nearly as good as in our old neighborhood, but still - 2 minutes)
  • Beach park with playground and swimming area (5 minutes)
  • Lake Geneva (5 minutes)
  • Shoe store (6 minutes)
  • Laser tag place where we had Kenny's birthday party (7 minutes)
  • North Korean Consulate (just had to throw that in there!  it's very close - 5 minutes)

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