Sunday, January 20, 2013

London for New Years

The contrast between Marrakech and London is huge, of course.   Marrakech is challenging and fascinating, but not an easy place to travel.  London is a world city, full of anything and everything you want or need, but I don't feel the need to write things up for posterity, because it's all quite well known and I wouldn't be writing up anything new.  

So, just a few quick notes.   We went to the HMS Belfast our first day in London, which was great though Eric and I got separated (each with one kid) and without working phones, it was hard to find one another again.  The next two days, Peter had diarrhea, so badly that I stayed at the hotel with him to get over it, and actually bought diapers when we ran out of clean underwear and the hand washed ones were wet.  I wondered where the diarrhea came from?  He had diarrhea in Marrakech, but that had been gone for 2 days by the time he got it again.  Was it a relapse of the Marrakech diarrhea, brought on by eating too much in London?  Or was it a new strain?  I was very grateful to be in a nice comfortable hotel room in London (with central heat, carpeted floors, lots of light) instead of being in the place were were at in Marrakech - interesting, unique, but not very comfortable.  

We took taxis a few times, but then switched to the subway system, which was fast and convenient (except for the first day we tried it, which was a holiday with restricted schedules).  The hands-on section of the science museum was a favorite, especially the dry ice table.

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