Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kenny likes his Kindle, too

We brought a lot of children's books with, but most of them were for younger kids, and we had very few chapter books.  Since Kenny has developed the habit of reading in bed, he ran through them very quickly (the ones he wanted to read, anyway).  Because a Kindle is now only $79, PLUS the Bellevue library system has lots of children's chapter books on the Kindle that can be downloaded over the internet, I decided to get Kenny one for himself.

Eric picked it up when he went back to the US recently.  Kenny is completely enthralled with the Boxcar Children series, and has read a few dozen of them on the Kindle so far.  There's 121 Kindle books in that series in the  Bellevue library system, so he has quite a few more left.  And then there's some other series available (Magic Tree House, Hardy Boys), so he should be good for quite a while.

I can't get over what a good value the Kindle is, if you have access to a library system that carries Kindle books.  If you had to buy the books, then it's not such a good value - it's not like you can sell the books back or anything.  But free books, on a $79 Kindle - can't beat it!

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