Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cold and sick

What a cruddy weekend.  It's as cold as ever, and very windy so we really feel the wind chill whenever we head out.  Which wasn't very much this weekend.  Eric is in bed now with a nasty virus of some sort, and has been in bed all weekend, eating nothing and just drinking some orange juice occasionally.  I got out yesterday with the kids, to the Ikea store, looking at some rugs that we might buy to make our apartment a little more homey.  Right now it has a very barren feel to it.  Kenny really enjoyed getting an ice cream from the ice cream machine there in Ikea - you pay 2 francs and get a little token that you can use in an automated ice cream machine.  Peter and I got the 1 franc hot dogs.  It seems like a fairly normal price, but it's amazingly cheap for Geneva.

Today (Sunday) we just got out a little bit in the afternoon to the park next door - Parc La Grange.  I wish we'd known sooner that there's a nice little sledding hill there - not steep at all, but so many people use it that it's extremely slick.  So slick that within seconds of setting foot on it I slipped on my hip, hard.  But you can also go pretty fast down a very gentle hill.

The kids enjoyed it, though.  Unfortunately I think I'm coming down with the same thing Eric has, and going sledding definitely didn't help.

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