Saturday, December 17, 2011

A stormy weekend

It's gotten an lot colder and we had some snow yesterday (nothing stuck, though). This is going to be a quiet weekend, setting up the Christmas tree and continuing to get the house in order, organizing the kitchen, etc. And hopefully we'll also do some planning for next week's trip to London. It's getting dark quite early, I'm looking forward to the days lengthening again!

There's an endless list of things I should do in the apartment. Organizing the kitchen, setting up something to prevent drafts at the bottom of our doors (we have glass doors from 1930 in this apartment, they let in quite a lot of cold air!), making Kenny a little book holder to hang off his bunk bed, setting up something to organize the paperwork here (in the US we had far less paperwork because everything was online, but Switzerland is far behind in that area, and everything is still paper based), organizing the kid's toys so that they're not laying all over the place. Whew!  And that doesn't account for the daily activities of taking care of the kids and the house.

On the plus side, I did set up all the kids books in the new bookcases that we got from Ikea to go in their room. They're excited to be able to read some of their old books again. And I was excited to not have all the boxes of books hanging around in their room anymore! I've gone completely paperless for my books (have I mentioned yet how much I love my Kindle?) and regularly get books from my home library system on the Kindle. I've been checking it out, and there's actually a fair number of children's books that are available on the Kindle. I think for kids the experience of having paper books is better for right now, but after we get bored with what we have, maybe we'll start getting children's books on the Kindle as well. 

Yesterday we took a walk along the east side of Lake Geneva. It's neat, because you can walk as far as you want, and as long as you make sure you're on a bus route (not too difficult here, the transit system is great), you can get back pretty easily by taking a bus. It was a decent walk, but I'll definitely need to find a book or website with some suggestions for walks to take around town. We stopped at a small Coop grocery store to pick up some croissants for a snack/bribe, and made it home in time to do some grocery shopping for the week.

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