Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting started on an exercise routine again

I had a very well established exercise routine back in Bellevue.  Pretty much every morning, I would go downstairs where we have a treadmill, and do a brisk walk at an incline for about half an hour.  This routine was totally integrated into my schedule, took almost no extra time, no driving to the gym, no extra shower.  Plus, I had an old laptop set up on the treadmill, so my exercise time was also my web surfing time.  I really enjoyed it.

Here in Geneva, I've just managed to set up a little bit of a routine again.  We have no exercise equipment, but before I left Bellevue, I ripped some exercise DVDs and copied them to my laptop.  Just in the past week, I've been working out in the morning to the exercise DVDs.  One in particular - a kick-boxing routine - has been keeping my interest.  I get a better workout and exercise more muscles than when I was just working out on the treadmill.  But I really miss surfing the web during my workout.

It strikes me how important it is for me to make the routine EASY to follow.  Things like exercise clothes always being in the right spot, not needing to go out of my way too much.  It's ironic, because after all the point of exercising is to get a workout, and working out is basically doing a bunch of movements that have no practical application, except for health.  But it matters nonetheless.

EDIT 3/5/2012
Actually, I've been slacking on this routine pretty consistently.  It's just so boring to work out to a DVD.  I do walk to work and back (about 6 minutes one way).  Plus I walk up the six flights of stairs every day to our apartment.  But yes, I need to start something more structured.

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