Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kenny went on a week-long camp with his school class

We picked Kenny up this past Friday from a week long camp with his school class.  Basically, his whole class except for one kid with a broken arm took a bus to the train station, then a train to Versoix (very close, but a pain to get there during rush hour) to stay in an old mansion owned by the school district for the week.  I was worried about him when he was gone, but thank goodness he came back happy and would have stayed longer if he could have.

The old mansion where the camp was held
The kids were given a choice between different activities.  Kenny chose theater (wouldn't have guessed that!) and pottery.  Some of the other choices were mask making, drumming and making string figures.   They also played a lot of soccer on the little soccer field there.  The mansion was on Lake Geneva - I'm sure if they sold the property, it would be worth many millions.

And the whole thing was only 150 CHF!  Which is now just a little over 150 USD - a bargain for the whole week.  I'm sure it's heavily subsidized.

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