Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New flash - green hills in the Swiss Alps mean lots of rain

We're spending the week in a campground rental cabin close to Brienz, in the Berner Oberland area of Switzerland - pretty much the heart of the alps.  All good and well, and I love the space efficiency of this cute little cabin.

But...dang!  We've had some miserable weather.  Today's been pretty much the worst, we've had solid rain pouring down for the past 5 hours or so.  The rain right now is briskly drumming down on the roof here in our cabin.

We did have a reasonably good day yesterday, Kenny and I went on a hike on the KristalWeg in the Grimsel area.  It's an old mule path, and is build up with some neat old bridges, and steps cut into steep stone paths.  In one area there was a path - quite a wide one, probably about 8 feet or so, but on the other side was a very steep slope down to a churning river. I grabbed Kenny's hand and didn't let go until we got to an area where a misstep wouldn't have been fatal.

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