Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First impressions in Amsterdam

We just arrived here today via an Easyjet flight from Geneva.  First impressions:

  • Wow!  Everybody is really tall here.  I'm not the tallest woman around, like I am in most places
  • There's a lot of bikes!  There's massive bike parking lots all over the place, bike lanes everywhere.  It's a bikers heaven.  Most streets seem to have separate bike lanes, and not just a line painted on the street, but rather real separate lanes.

We went to an Indonesian place for dinner, and Eric had the traditional Indonesian rijsttafel.  It's basically rice, with all kinds of curry, etc, as toppings.  He had about a dozen tiny little dishes of toppings.  Not an inexpensive meal, but it was good.  The kids and I shared some chicken satay.   We were eating in a tiny room, upstairs, along with one couple.  The couple kind of sounded like they were on their first date, maybe, but something was a little off...far too much talk about previous relationships.  Anyway, it was interesting to listen to.  The woman had been a "living statue" in a previous job.

We're in a hotel called the Hotel de Munck, in central Amsterdam, build in the 1700s.  It wasn't my first, second, third, or fourth choice (things were really booked up, maybe because it's tulip time), and it's a little run down, but I'll say this for them - they have very fast wireless internet.  It's a good thing, because I haven't done that much planning, so I'll need to be doing that here.

The stairs are extremely steep and narrow - apparently it's typical for this type of house.

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