Thursday, January 5, 2012

Having less clutter = using our things more

I've noticed since moving here that the kids - Peter in particular - are doing much more arts and crafts, even though we have only about a tenth of the materials out that we had back in Bellevue.   I think it's because having less things can make it easier to use them.  For instance, previously we had a whole bin with arts and crafts but simply because there was so much of it, it wasn't immediately accessible.  To get things out, you'd have to dig through drawers, past a bunch of supplies you weren't interested in.  But now, we have a small carrying tray containing markers, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, and things like that.  Peter can get at it very easily, and thus he spends a lot more of his time coloring, and making little projects.

The house we're in now is about 112 square meters, or 1205 square feet.  It's about a third of the size of our house in Bellevue, but I don't find that it's too small at all.  It proves to me that you can live happily in a much smaller space than you think.  There's definitely some things I'd like to improve about it, but they're more along the lines of decorating, and making it homier.  Like perhaps a large potted plant, and another rug.  I originally though that we'd need a lot more storage, but at this point I've changed my mind.  We bought two 3-drawer dressers from Ikea, and I think what with the built-in storage, the dressers, and a cabinet that was previously in the office, we're going to be fine for now.

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